Kinetico test. 1

Kinetico by Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis

This video shows an example of interactivity between Kinect – Openframeworks and SuperCollider via OSC. In this example, the detected parts of the body (gestures) manipulate the arguments of the sound such as frequency and amplitude.

Granular Synthesis Gui


Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis. Experiments with granular synthesis on creating clouds of grains (2013).

This real-time Granular Cloud Generator, BAGranAn, is able to form granular clouds (in real time) output to 2 channels or more. It allows many grains per second and includes envelopes with hanning, hamming, sine, rect, cheby, and welch functions (envelopes), filters, buffer control and manipulation, panning, and a record button.

Below you can watch a mini performance of my cloud synthesis generator.


Download the code of a simpler version of Granular synthesis GUI.


Supercollider download .