Raspberry pi – OpenFrameworks


openFrameworks on raspberry pi 3 test example.

Connect your raspberry pi 3 with a mouse and a keyboard. Connect up the screen to raspberry and open the terminal and type: pi as the username and raspberry the default password. If you use ssh from another computer type:

ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

then write your password to login to raspberry pi.

the default password is raspberry

Follow the instructions bellow to install openFrameworks on raspberry pi.

raspberry pi 3 – openFrameworks – getting – started

for armv7 follow this: https://openframeworks.cc/setup/raspberrypi/raspberry-pi-getting-started/


reboot raspberry with:

sudo reboot

then login again using pi as the username and raspberry as the password if your password is the default one or use ssh from your laptop.

If your installation was successful type the following to compile your first app:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/examples/graphics/polygonExample

make run

and voila!

Author: Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis

Created: 2016-12-04 Sun 21:33

Arduino – Node.js

Testing Arduino Uno – Node.js

Serial Monitor messages to terminal.

First download and install node.js on your computer.

Then build Node.js server

Install serialport. Open terminal and type:

npm install serialport

Create a java script file named server1.js and use the code below:

var serialport = require('serialport');
var portName = '/dev/tty.usbmodem1421';
var sp = new serialport(portName, {
    baudRate: 9600,
    dataBits: 8,
    parity: 'none',
    stopBits: 1,
    flowControl: false,
    parser: serialport.parsers.readline("\r\n")

sp.on('data', function(input) {

Make sure that the portName is the right one. To check this go to Arduino IDE and navigate to Tools->Serial Monitor

Then open terminal and cd to the directory of the server1.js file and execute the file using the below code:

node server1.js

and voila!

Author: Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis

Created: 2016-12-04 Sun 21:10

Fluids and Particles in OpenFrameworks

There are different libraries to run particles and fluids. One of them is MSAFluids by Memo Akten. You can run MSAFluids in Processing, Openframeworks and Cinder. In this post I demonstrate the way MSAFluids run in OpenFrameworks using Xcode (Mac OS).

First things first…

Download Xcode version 7.1

Download the latest version of OpenFrameworks

After you downloaded OF you need also to download msalibs libraries and place them into addons folder which you can find inside the “of_v.._osx_release” you’ve downloaded.  Inside msalibs you will find the MSAFluids addon which contains the code and examples. To run MSAFluids example you need to create a new project using the projectGenerator app

Open the projectGenerator give a name to your project and add some add ons such as: “ofxMSACore, ofxMSAFluids, ofxMSAInteractiveObject, ofxSimpleGuiToo, ofxTuio, ofxXmlSettings” which are important for your built to be successful. If you want to extend its use you can also add ofxOpenCV for tracking objects, colors, etc. using Kinect with ofxKinect as well as  ofxOsc to communicate with other devices or other creative programming languages using OSC.

You can now press the Generate button and Voila!!!!!!!




When you open your project, go to Project Navigator window and check that everything is in place. Your project navigator should be like this:



*Dont forget to add ParticleSystem and Particle cpp and h files inside src  folder of your project.

RUN and ENJOY!!!!!



Granular Synthesis Gui


Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis. Experiments with granular synthesis on creating clouds of grains (2013).

This real-time Granular Cloud Generator, BAGranAn, is able to form granular clouds (in real time) output to 2 channels or more. It allows many grains per second and includes envelopes with hanning, hamming, sine, rect, cheby, and welch functions (envelopes), filters, buffer control and manipulation, panning, and a record button.

Below you can watch a mini performance of my cloud synthesis generator.


Download the code of a simpler version of Granular synthesis GUI.



Supercollider download .